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 "I love his tone and fluidity on the guitar.  Playing with Gil was a joy."

Paul Shaffer


“He has been a great inspiration in my playing and certainly in my life.” 

Bernie Williams


As a guitarist you've been strongly influenced by people like Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt. Is there anyone new on the scene you're inspired by? "Yes. Gil Parris, an American guitarist. He's got a video out. He plays a kind of fusion, bluesy stuff. I thought this is really lovely"

Steve Howe


“Gil Parris represents the very best of the new guitarists and performers on the scene today. He is a great composer and has a tight band who really play together as a unit! He's gonna be the next big star on the radio friendly's only up up up for Gil!!”

Randy Brecker


"Gil's a very talented player. He fit right into the band the first night he played with us and made the guitar chair his own."

David Clayton Thomas


"I love love this kid Gil Parris, we did a gig the other night and I was floored ! "

Larry Coryell

chuck loeb.jpeg

 "Gil Parris is without a doubt one of the rising stars of the guitar at this time. His command of many techniques and styles has dazzled me since I first heard him play a few years back...I can't wait to hear what he'll do next."

Chuck Loeb


"Gil never fails to impress me with his excellent command of the guitar. This cat can really play!"

Jeff Golub

"Hits Solo heights that would please fans of both George Benson and Eddie Van Halen"

 - Jazziz/All Music Guide

"When it comes to improvising epic, crowd-pleasing solos in an eclectic range of styles, Parris is more than qualified to deliver the goods."  

 - Guitar Player Magazine

"His solos are breathtaking, both in emotional expressiveness and technical command of the instrument "

 - Vintage Guitar

"Gil Parris is a great guitarist, instantly recognizable on any track he plays on. That puts him in the elite realm of Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Wes Montgomery, and John McLaughlin."

 - The Guitar Zone 

"Parris is an absolute monster of the guitar- lyrically, technically and sensitively. He's got a distinctive sound- his own unique voice in an industry strewn with clones."

 - Jazz Scene

"Gil Parris shines through as the brightest star in the genre since Larry Carlton"

 - Guitar One

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