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I have done several TV spots on different occasions....

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Restaurant Hunters
Here with award winning host Rob Petrone. We are dining at "My Father's Place" in Roslyn 2019. A venue I used to frequent when I was a teenager. The staff and crew were really accommodating and the food was great.
Good Day New York
Good Morning NY on FOX 5, featuring Bernie Williams & Gil Parris. This was a fun hit! How many mornings do you get to give batting tips to Rosanna Scotto, catch for Greg Kelly, quote Joe Henderson and Jam! ; -) "Tequila" at the end was a hoot, BW was such a good sport. Funny stuff. Enjoy the clip, gp nyc (Sorry for the video/audio glitches in the performance part, the DVD had some errors.) With the great, Erik Piza lending a hand on percussion.  

Here I am as the musical guest on on The Today Show with Pat Battle, it was such a great pleasure, I even got to play my tune "Duck Walk" while they were doing the weather. I got to play with Dave Mann some time later, I must say NBC and the Today Show staff were great. 2007-2009

The Today Show
The Today Show featuring Gil Parris at the Liberty Jazz Festival in lower Manhattan.
Here with Bernie Williams, playing a little "Sex and the City" ...

Voice of America is an American international broadcaster funded by the United States Congress. It is the largest and oldest U.S. funded international broadcaster. VOA produces digital, TV, and radio content in 47 languages which it distributes to affiliate stations around the globe. This is my favorite live performance of my tune "It's A Lie",,,sometime in 2008. The broadcast was split into 4 parts, and you get to hear a few of my original tunes played live !



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